Privacy Policy




Remington Direct does not supply the names of clients or people who enquire with us to list owners.


We will never 'share' client contact information with other companies.


We will gather contact information from clients solely for the purpose of future follow up by Remington Direct.


At no time will we ask for sensitive or personal information (apart from your name).


You can access your contact information upon request.At any stage you can remain anonymous when dealing with us.


At any time you can remove yourself from our client list.


You can request to have your name removed from our customer file which is stored in the cloud (USA).


We will at all times take reasonable steps to ensure the information we collect is up-to-date.


The list owners we deal with are required comply with the Privacy Act.




Remington Direct will not permit any campaign to proceed unless the client's campaign material contains an opt-out clause for the recipient to remove themselves from the list.


Once someone requests to be removed from a list, by law that person must be removed and Remington Direct will ensure this occurs (The client must also keep a record for their suppression file so this person is not contacted in future).




Remington Direct does track usage to this website for the purpose of content evaluation.


IP addresses are identified, however the user remains anonymous.


Users of this site can remain completely anonymous at all times.


Should you email us from visiting our site, we will add your contact details to our database but you can request this does not occur.


Privacy Compliance Officer


Simon Remington


Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (Formerly Federal Privacy Commissioner)


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