• Simon Remington

We are still here!

Resilience is a term that gets bandied around quite a lot, in recent months we've had a taste of how vital it is. A once in a lifetime event has had a profound impact on the way we live our lives and do business, some of those changes will be with us for months and even years to come.

Some businesses will no longer open their doors, others are in serious threat of following suit and countless others are facing a long road to recovery while millions of Australians face unemployment or under employment. The re-design of the way so many businesses conduct their operations is well underway.

As restrictions are released over the coming months and more businesses return to their new 'normal' operations, the recovery measures will kick into gear. Waiting for a flood of inbound requests may prove futile for most businesses meaning it's now time to engage with our client base plus look outside of it for new opportunities.

Making the effort to get on the phone and talk to a client is well worth it and I personally have had some of my best client conversations in the past few months. The same goes for outbound activity, while reaching people can be a greater challenge now, conversations tend to be longer and present an opportunity to make stronger connections.

If one or two of your competitors have been unable to maintain their marketing in the last three months, your business has the opportunity to increase market share, demonstrate strength during a crisis and build momentum into the recovery months.

P.S. With so many more people at home and mailboxes so empty, fairly big opportunity to make an impact one would have thought???

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