• Simon Remington

Opportunity knocks with declining mail volumes

According to Australia Post's 2018 Annual Report, addressed mail peaked in Australia during 2008. Since then and largely due to increases in postal rates, there has been a subsequent decline of over 50%. What does this mean for direct marketers, particularly those entering the increasingly crowded digital arena?

The reality is a well targeted and crafted mail piece with a strong offer will have a larger impact today than it has for many years. Demonstrating the extra effort and expense taken to encourage your prospect to support your brand will resonate much longer than a display add ever can.

The greater scope to showcase your product or service with a tangible direct mail piece has a proven track record in this country over many decades. The tangible nature of a mail piece, the vast array of design techniques and boundless market segmentation capabilities all enable your imagination to take full flight!

Australia is fortunate to have a robust list industry with plenty of high quality business and consumer mailing lists from which to choose. Deciding which is most suited to your business is where a list broker can remove the guesswork so we are targeting the right prospects with the highest quality list.

So with Australian letterboxes significantly emptier than normal, what is stopping you from making a powerful impression with your next customer?

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