• Simon Remington

Cheap lists are a stain on Direct Marketing

The pressure to stretch your marketing dollar is all too real and one I well know as a business owner myself. The consequence of an investment in a marketing activity can literally make or break a financial year.

It's why I'm stunned at the number of Australian firms taking such a large risk when it comes to buying bargain basement priced lists. Many of these lists are compiled overseas using highly questionable techniques.

Lists are exactly like any other product or service, you get what you pay for and the reasons for a list being cheap tend to be that they are rarely (if ever) updated, stolen or scraped from websites.

Building and maintaining a database is an expensive exercise. To think that this can be done 'on the cheap' overseas and that accuracy levels will be equal to that of an Australian based list owner borders on the delusional.

It's why we here at Remington Direct only work with suppliers who are based in Australia and have a reputation for high quality data and customer service. It is hard enough convincing a new prospect to become a client of yours, you don't want to be tied up with mountains of returned mail or have your staff complaining about a telemarketing list with more errors than correct records.

In seventeen years selling lists I've heard of many horror stories but all are dwarfed by a well known ISP who sent 200,000 letters and had 70% of them come back as incorrect. I feel bad for the person who chose to use such a database but also know they are not alone.

The 'control what we can control' mantra comes into play here without a doubt. If you are going to run a direct marketing campaign make sure you are using a good quality list and then get cracking on a great concept that convinces your prospect they need to be using your goods or services.

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