• Simon Remington

Personalisation, my first time.

There will always be a place for well crafted, relevant pieces of direct marketing material containing strong offers. While the use of personalisation alone will not ensure a successful outcome, it does capture the recipient's attention and can encourage them to read on.

The first time I received a piece of personalised direct mail was back in the late 1990s when studying at university. I was a supporter of the Essendon Football Club in the AFL but had never signed up as a member and here they were asking me to become one.

The more you can tailor and personalise your message to your recipient the better.

Seeing my name printed on a locker today would capture my attention for perhaps a few seconds longer than a normal piece of DM, but back then it blew me away and I decided to join and have been a member ever since.

Obviously I had a strong connection with that brand already but the fact remains, the piece itself was well designed and the use of my name printed within the imagery was very relevant and powerful. It also shows this organisation is prepared to go that little bit further to demonstrate how much they would appreciate me taking up their offer.

In recent times I feel there has been a drop off in the number of companies personalising their mail piece. This says means companies who opt to do so can enhance their cut though against their direct and indirect competition who are in customer acquisition mode and using those same lists.

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