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How we select a supplier

Updated: Feb 10

February 2022 - Simon Remington

There are hundreds of companies in Australia who sell lists and around fifteen list brokers. Our clients use us (as a broker) to remove the guesswork and select the most suitable database for their campaign.

Having worked with most of Australia's list providers since entering the industry in 2000, I've encountered some terrific companies with great lists but also quite a few charlatans.

Having a great list is obviously the most important consideration but coming in not far behind is the willingness to go beyond the brief and provide great service whether the campaign succeeds or fails. It's very easy to take an order when things go well, those of my suppliers who help solve problems if there is an issue with the list are our true business partners.

We also are firmly aware of the detailed targeting requirements most of our clients have. Those databases which offer a wide range of selection criteria so we can segment the list to our client's requirements is also paramount.

I am very skeptical of list providers who over promise and say they can do just about anything. Dirt cheap pricing is also often a guide as to the legitimacy of the database or lack of expense used in keeping it up to date. With postage rates at all time highs and the cost of telemarketers, skimping on a list can be a killer in the long run if over half of it is out of date.

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