• Simon Remington

Why you must take the Spam Act seriously

I am becoming increasingly alarmed with the scant regard many companies seem to have towards the Spam Act and the Act of Spamming potential customers. It's time for legislators to ramp up funding to the ACMA so that after its 13 years of existence, the Act can seriously start making an impact on our flooded inboxes.

If you are not too bothered by sending spam emails, ponder the following;

1) You are breaking the law.

2) Your email will most likely end up in a junk folder.

3) You are showing you have gone to the least possible expense to win over your prospect.

4) While you may acquire some new customers, you are likely to alienate a much larger number from ever contacting your especially if the spamming is frequent.

5) You do risk fines from the ACMA if continual breaches are occurring.

6) You risk your having your email domain blacklisted.

7) Most spam lists are generic emails which rarely are directed to senior decision makers.

By the look of the ACMA enforcement actions page, there are a lot of spammers getting away with flaunting the law. If you feel you have been spammed, the best way to capture the ACMA's attention is to forward the email to

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