• Simon Remington

Overseas list suppliers

Each week we receive emails from overseas companies promoting their Australian lists. While there are always exceptions, my own experience using overseas list suppliers for Australian data was rarely good.

From waiting two or more weeks for a quote, excessive error rates, failure to refund for errors and in one extreme case, an email list which we believe didn't even exist made it a no brainer to focus on Australian suppliers for Australian data.

Compiling in a privacy compliant manner and keeping a large scale database is a highly involved and costly exercise. It is for this reason I am highly dubious of suppliers selling large databases for under $100. Such databases tend to be scraped from the internet or in some cases, obtained illegally.

With the cost of postage, the cost of telemarketers or the fines involved for sending Spam, you must do you due diligence on your list provider and ask how their data was sourced. That is where a broker is the ideal option as they understand your regulatory requirements plus can sort the reputable list providers from the cowboys.

Chasing refunds from foreign companies is never easy and sometimes impossible. Furthermore, from a compliance perspective if you send spam emails it's yourself rather than the company who sold you the spam list that the ACMA will contact so it's never worth the risk of sending spam.

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