• Simon Remington

Lead generation

Are you looking to grow your business but don't have enough staff to use a telemarketing list to conduct prospecting calls? Lead generation could be the solution and we can assist with both the list supply and calls themselves.

Once the call centre was briefed on your requirements and the appropriate list selected and delivered, over the next month or two you would determine the quality of the leads and the merit of continuing the activity.

Using a reputable Australian based provider, leads would come through on a weekly basis for your staff to follow up and make appointments.

With a lack of permission based (opt-in) business email data available in Australia and the existence of the Spam Act, lead generation can also be used to build a consent based email list for your business to market to.

Every campaign is different so get in touch now or in the new year to see if lead generation is a good fit for you and something that may help grow your business.

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