• Simon Remington

August 2015 - Why use a list broker?

Type 'Lists' into google and you will get 1.7 billion results. 'Mailing lists' and we have dropped back to 37 million. As the term 'lists' can have multiple applications, if you are searching for a direct marketing list it is almost impossible to sort the wheat from the chaff.

With countless providers both at home and abroad offering Australian lists, it is very hard to gauge the reputable suppliers from the rest and those lists which are the most up to date. There are plenty of bad lists offering 100% guarantees on list deliverability for instance.

A broker on the other hand has many years’ experience and knows which lists offer the highest level of quality. Brokers also are in a position to give impartial advice on all lists unlike many list owners who will only recommend their list even if one of their competitors has something better.

List brokers can also make your life much easier when using multiple lists. Rather than dealing with multiple companies, a broker can take care of this and negotiate with each list owner to help eliminate (or at least reduce) the amount of duplication you are being invoiced for.

A broker can also advise you of any new lists that emerge which fit your target market. Having multiple options to test over time is important as you don't want to keep using the same list over and over again, list fatigue can develop.

With countless lists on the market and so many small details which can make or break a campaign, an effective list broker in your corner can only be a plus.

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