• Simon Remington

June 2015 - Images to highlight benefits

The most vivid range of colours.


Imagery is crucial when planning a direct mail piece or email. The most effective pieces use powerful imagery to highlight the key benefits offered by the product or service in question.

While it's essential to use the right images, they also need to be captioned to make your point in a multi-sensory manner. A relevant image that is not captioned is far less effective.

In the example above, I've chosen 'most vivid range' as the benefit to the consumer who chooses to buy this brand of paint. The image and the message go hand in hand to effectively highlight this aspect of their paints.

Prospective customers and clients are looking for a point of difference when you market yourself to them. Those companies who know their point of difference will be in a far better position to name and highlight it when putting a direct marketing piece together.

It can sometimes be very hard to demonstrate a product or service benefit through imagery. If you are having this trouble, do take the extra time as it will result in a far more effective piece.

Two or three of your main benefits highlighted through captioned imagery are a must in your next direct marketing piece.

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