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May 2015 - Multiple roles and industries

Analyzing the Markets

We often supply lists to clients based on a particular industry or job function only to find some unexpected results. A Marketing Manager who is also responsible for IT, a manufacturing company who also has a retail presence are two examples.

A list 1,000 IT contacts could have over 100 different job titles. To illustrate, here are 27 examples from a list of 40 samples;

Analyst Programmer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Technology Officer

CIO Enterprise Systems

Data Migration Project Manager

e-Business Lead ICT

Enterprise Architect

Group IT Controller

Information Manager

Information Technology Manager

Infrastructure Services Director

IT Administrator

IT Manager

IT Support Officer

Manager Information Services

Mobile Applications Specialist

Networking Operations Officer

Principal Enterprise Architect

Senior Analyst Process Performance

Senior ICT Officer

Senior LAN Administrator

Senior Systems Manager

Snr Adviser Technology Development

Snr Oracle Database Administrator

System & Database Administrator

Systems Analyst

Systems Engineer

While each of these are IT centric, it is not uncommon for non-IT job titles to appear, especially within smaller firms. Irrespective of their job title, if that person makes IT decisions then they are the person you need to contact regarding IT.

As there are thousands of different job titles, business list suppliers tend to group them into key areas such as CEO/MD/Owner, Finance, IT, Marketing, Sales, HR and Operations.

Companies too can fall under more than one category. Some large companies may have five or six assigned to them. Here is just one example of a high profile Australian company;




Wholesale / Distribution



We often start a count with all industries for the client to choose from. If they ask me to exclude manufacturing for example, that might remove a company which also falls within one of their required industries.

There is a major difference between excluding all unwanted industries or simply selecting those of most interest. Talk to your broker about this aspect to the selection as they will give you the best advice.

Let's say you are looking for a list of retailers. Remington Direct makes shoes and also has a retail store to sell them. If you exclude Manufacturing from your count, Remington Direct would be removed from your list even though it sells shoes.

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