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March 2015 - A lack of Spam Act compliant b2b emails, what to do?


Every week we receive numerous requests for business email lists. The low cost and speed of campaign execution are major drawcards for this channel however awareness of the Spam Act is mixed.

Due to the Spam Act, you do need consent of the recipient before you start sending unsolicited emails containing a commercial element. The only exceptions to this are government bodies, charities and market researchers where there is no commercial aspect to the email.

There are business email lists which claim to have 'inferred consent' however through our own research, these lists tend to contain a mixture of compliant and non-compliant addresses which cannot be separated. 'Expressed consent' (aka opt-in/permission based) is the only way to go.

Some clients decide to use opt-in consumer lists as they offer limited details on a person's occupation and industry. Personally I can't recall too many success stories with the small number of my clients who have tried this approach.

Remington Direct does work with one opt-in business email list called Directory Assist. It contains over 80,000 small businesses, the majority having fewer than 20 staff. A $2,850 + GST minimum order does apply with this list and includes the list owner sending your email.

What tends to be a more effective approach is to rent a good quality business telemarketing list to opt contacts in over the phone. Over the years some of our clients have managed to opt 25% to 50% of a list into receiving emails from that company.

Once the verbal approval has been given, best practice would be to send a confirmation email so there is written documentation of the account holder opting in. From there the emails sent to this person need to contain an unsubscribe facility.

Your company can only make one first impression. If that is spamming a business you wish to work with, chances are your illegal email broadcasts using non-compliant email lists will do more harm to your brand than good a leave you open to ending up in hot water with the ACMA.

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