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November 2014 - Business lists, what to exclude

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By Simon Remington

When it comes to fine tuning your b2b list selection, there are many ways to filter out records that are of no value to you.

If you have a customer file, in most cases the list supplier can filter those companies out. Unless there is a particular reason to include your current clients, doing so on a rental list is generally seen as wasteful, unprofessional and can even damage the relationship.

I can't think of too many reasons why it would be a good idea to include your competitors in a list rental. As they generally represent only a tiny fraction of a list, most people forget to request this.

Sometimes our clients only want to contact head offices. Fortunately most of the business lists we work with do split their list into head offices and branch offices.

Employee size is available with all business lists and revenue in some cases. These selections can be utilised if you wish to filter our companies that are too big or small for your purposes.

Industry type is also available with all lists. Each list generally has rather broad (i.e. retail) or specific (i.e. retail footwear) list of industry types to select from. If there are particular industries which you don't want to market to they can be easily excluded.

One of the main advantages of using lists is the targeting on offer. Whatever you can do to eliminate wastage will improve your ultimate return on investment.

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