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September 2014 - The renaissance of mail?

Mail Box 2

By Simon Remington

Has your mail-box been looking a little bare over the past year or so? More companies than ever before are using email and sms to contact their clients, consumers are opting for paperless billing and with multiple postal increases in recent years, it is little wonder mail volumes are decreasing.

In light of this changing landscape, direct mail marketers now have an opportunity but also a responsibility. While there might be less competition in the mail box, the challenge remains for the marketer to provide a relevant and compelling offer to their prospect.

Mass mailings with no regard for targeting do more harm to your brand than good. Successful direct marketing campaigns are those which try to tailor an offering that is suitable to their target market. The prospect is the focus of the creative piece and the benefits to that person or business are clearly articulated.

I recently received a terrific piece of creative DM in the mail. It had been a couple of months since I'd received any DM so I did pay it close attention.

The only problem was the targeting, it was in no way relevant to my own circumstances. I am currently in the market for this type of product but the category was completely wrong for me so ultimately I did not respond.

With the right product shown in my DM piece, I would have already requested a quote.

Our industry pioneers of the 1950s and 1960s recognised the power of direct mail when executed correctly. The explosion of the internet in 1990s and the advent of email marketing caused some to predict the demise of direct mail.

By the time I entered the industry in 2000, many felt email marketing would replace mail marketing within a decade. While b2c marketers do have many Spam Act compliant lists to work with in Australia, there is very little in the b2b space.

Your prospect will appreciate it if you can demonstrate an effort to tailor a message suited to their circumstances. If fewer of your direct and indirect competition have mailed them recently, that certainly helps you stand out and help your cause.


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