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August 2014 - To rent or purchase?

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By Simon Remington

Business lists tend to be available for one time rental, 12 month use and in some cases outright purchase (meaning ongoing use). Consumer lists tend to be available for one time rental and 12 month use.

What's best for you will depend on budget, time constraints and the desire to use the list on a regular or semi regular basis.

Rental tends to be the most popular option for our clients who have not previously rented a list. If the response is adequate, you can always look at renting the same list at a later date or alternatively purchase.

If you were likely to use the list at least twice within 12 months then a 12 month license could be a more cost effective option than outright purchase. As with one time rental, you can retain anyone who becomes a client or requests that you keep in touch.

Purchase of good quality business lists tends to range from $1.30 to $2.50 meaning you need to be confident of regular use for that list over the next two to three years.


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