• Simon Remington

April 2014 - The crucial first few seconds

By Simon Remington

When planning a direct marketing campaign you need to be mindful of the old adage surrounding making a good first impression. Make no mistake about it, the first five seconds are make or break.

This short timeframe is where your recipient will decide to read/listen on or not. With this in mind, there are some important principles to live by when devising your campaign.

At the top of the list is the respect you demonstrate towards your prospective client. If you take them for granted in any way then chances are your call will be brief or your letter/fax/email will be cast aside.

Make sure your offer is prominent and that your benefit statements impossible to miss. At the end of the day this person has to perceive a genuine way in which they will be better off as a result of taking up your offer.

If you can say the same thing with fewer words then do so.Include a PS on your mail piece, email or fax.

After the heading, this is the next most read item in a direct marketing piece and where possible, ensure yours is a benefit oriented one. The human eye will also be drawn to any images so ensure those used are captioned ideally with a benefit statement.

Through the presence of a strong offer, the refinement of your key benefit statements and a compelling call to action, you too can succeed in the fine art of customer acquisition.

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