Job functions



Most business lists tend to have excellent coverage of the the head of the organisation (i.e. CEO, Managing Director, General Manager, Owner).


When it comes to the more specific roles, coverage can be good (i.e. IT, Marketing, Sales, Finance) to rather limited (i.e. Fleet Manager, OHS, Webmaster).


Below are the job functions used by the IncNet list which can be applied (to a lesser degree)  to most other business lists we work with.


When making your selection, also consider the worth of selecting multiple contacts per organisation.



Senior Management & PA’s


Chief Executive Officer




Company Secretary

Executive Secretary (to CEO)

Corporate Treasurer

Senior Management

Division General Manager

Senior Public Servant



Other Management




Administration Manager

Audit Manager

Business Development Manager

(Finance) Broker

Call Centre (Help Desk) Manager


Creative Manager

Credit Manager

Customer Relationship Management

Contract Manager

Customer Services Manager

E-Commerce / E-Business Manager

Editor / Journalist / Writer


Environment Manager

Events Manager

Export Manager

Food & Beverage Manager


Financial Decision Maker

Fleet Manager

Fund & Money Manager

Human Resources Decision Maker

Superannuation Manager

Investment Adviser

Information Technology Decision Maker

Knowledge Manager

Corporate Librarian

Legal Manager

Logistics Decision Maker

Marketing Decision Maker

Manufacturing Manager


Maintenance Manager

Office Manager

Occupational Health & Safety Manager

Operation Decision Maker

Unclassified Personnel

Payroll Officer / Manager

Purchasing Manager

Policy Manager

Planning Manager


Project Manager

Public Relations Manager

Property Manager

Quality Assurance Manager

Research & Development Manager

(Financial) Risk Manager


Senior Sales Manager

Tax Manager

Technical Manager

Telecommunications Manager

Webmasters & Website Developer


Decision makers across a wide range of roles.

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