All business lists allow you to select by industry type.


Targeting can be as broad (i.e. retail) or specific (i.e watch and jewelry retailing) as you require. The following are broad ANZSIC (Australia New Zealand Standard Industry Codes) types which are used by the majority of Australian Business lists; 



  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

  • Mining

  • Manufacturing

  • Electricity, Gas and Water Supply

  • Construction

  • Wholesale Trade

  • Retail Trade

  • Accommodation, Cafes and Restaurants

  • Transport and Storage

  • Communication Services

  • Finance and Insurance

  • Property and Business Services

  • Government Administration and Defence

  • Education

  • Health and Community Services

  • Cultural and Recreational Services

  • Personal and Other Services



If your brief demands a more specific level of targeting, please contact us for a list of detailed industry subcategories. Basing your selection on the industry subcategories used by our suppliers will speed up the process of running your count.



Industry selection can be extremely specific.

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