Business email lists


There are many business email lists on the market but most do not have permission of those on the list to receive marketing emails. We only supply opt-in email lists as required by the Spam Act.


We have two suppliers of opt-in business email data. Most of these firms have less than 20 staff and the larger of the two have 500,000 businesses across all industries.


Cost: 40c each (including send) + $350 setup + 10% GST

Minimum order: $3,500 + 10% GST

For clients exempt* from the Spam Act there are three other lists which provide excellent coverage within medium to large companies, education and government respectively.






* Governments agencies, charities and market researchers are exempt from needing to use opt-in email lists provided their message is purely factual.

Opt-in business email lists focus on SMEs.

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